Quick And Long Term Effects of Steroids

Steroids are a type of organic compound, contains a specific arrangement of cycloalkane rings for e.g. dietary fat cholesterol, sex hormones estradiol and testosterone etc. The steroids are a type of protein which performs a number of functions in human body. Our all the body functions like blood circulation, transportation, digestion, and sex relation, In all these bio-chemical functions and metabolic mechanism ,steroids performed a key role.

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In the absence of these natural steroids and enzymes, our all the bio-chemical function would be restricted. The changing atmosphere, dietary habits causes sometimes lake or improper amount of this steroid according to body requirement. It happens sometimes due to internal reasons also. Due to this our body mechanism hampers, and people have to take medical guidance and proper medicines. Now a days in market so many artificial steroids are available that can be an artificial source …